Cassette from My Ex

Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves

Kniha plná poetických příběhů se společným jmenovatelem jménem Kazeta.

An art form combining the skills of a DJ with the intimacy of a letter, a good mixtape was the ultimate audio valentine. Today, when the iPod and playlists reign supreme, the cassette has been rendered obsolete, and the art of crafting these sonic calling cards has been relegated to back-of-the-closet, thirty-something nostalgia. Now, thanks to Jason Bitner, we can relive our lost youth and lost loves.
In Cassette from My Ex, sixty noted writers and musicians wax poetic about their own experiences with these charming artifacts and the relationships that inspired them.


Cassette From My Ex
Cassette From My Ex

Contributors include:

Maxim editor Joe Levy
Author Rick Moody
Former Rolling Stone writer and MTV2 veejay Jancee Dunn
The Magnetic Fields’ Claudia Gonson
Stories range from the irreverently sweet, such as the doomed love affair between a Deadhead and a Goth, to the touching, such as the heartbreaking discovery of a former love passing away. Everyone will find a story or a song to relate to. Just hit play.


Mix Tape Nostalgia: Cassette from My Ex

The multimedia project „Cassette from My Ex“ documents the era of the mix tape, when people created personal soundtracks for their lives and loves,32068,47665478001_1934136,00.html

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